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It is said that Baba loved kids and used to become one among kids, be it playing with them, telling them stories, or teaching them values. The Parivaar, expanded into the neighboring unit (#3) with the noble intention of using it as a Bhajan hall.

Today, that hall, much to the delight of our little angels, has become a get-together venue for all the nanhe Sais. Fun stuff like chess practice help sharpen their minds, while the story-telling sessions familiarize them with the glorious heritage of our motherland. All these are conducted in an informal setting and active parent participation. Once dusk sets, all the kids huddle up in the reading room, and spend time reading; A few even get their homework to the temple.

But that’s about all! Outside of those few hours, the young soldiers virtually take over the hall and the neighboring halls as well. Parents have long since mastered the art of balancing their plates and glasses and dodging the attacking tackles of a ‘tag team’. Kids of various ages, gather here, build new friendships, strengthen existing bonds, play, mingle, learn and have fun, all the while, as a parent or two keep a watchful eye on them.

Parents pray while children play!

Ask any kids and they love to come to temple. Sometimes it's to meet their friends and other times it's to participate in the lot of fun filled educational activities that includes but not limited to Chess , Story Telling, Bhajans .

Kids Activites:


The Elements of Chess / How to determine who has the advantage– Material, space, time, King Safety and Pawn Structure.

  • Overload
  • Undermining
  • Trapping
  • X-ray
  • More strategies to utilize during the 3 phases of the chess game.
  • Learning how to Utilize the Elements of Chess to create an advantage.
  • Weak pawns vs. strong pawns
  • Passed Pawns and strategies to create them.
  • More opening and end game strategies
  • Using tactics in combination

Minimum age requirement is 6 years.

All classes regardless of level are comprised of three parts

  • Puzzles (Students work at their own pace individually or in small groups)
  • Group lessons
  • Chess games (Practice games or mini-tournament games)

Instructor: Gwen Meins

  • Former United States Amateur Women’s Chess Champion
  • She has been training kids at NESSP since April 2014.
  • Chess club instructor for over 20 years, and has worked with players ages 5 to 18.
  • She has a B.A. in Child Development and a M.Ed. in Special Education.

For More details and how to register, please go to:

Winners of NESSP 2016 Academic Competitions.

Video Game Level 1
  1. Vamsi Krishna Ankalu
  2. Aakansh Mysore
  3. Soumyan Dillip
Video Game Level  2
  1. Sivapriya Marimuthu
  2. Abhinav Challa
  3. Simran Dillip
Video Game Level  3
  1. Praveen Ramatchandiran
  2. Bill Senapati
Sudoku Level 1
  1. Rishika Mukka
  2. Anika Mittal
  3. Avani Bhargava
Sudoku Level 2
  1. Anisha Macharla
  2. Saketh Amaravai
  3. Tanush Mittal
Sudoku Level 3
  1. Shreya Challa
  2. Bill Senapati
Chess  Level 1
  1. Sean Gimi
  2. Suhaas Goluguri
  3. Neel Hosamani
Chess  Level 2
  1. Tanmay Odugu
  2. Akshaya Kolluri
  3. Amrutha Uppala
Chess  Level 3
  1. Manas Erramilli
  2. Sai Sidharth Seyyadri
  3. Srikar Kopparapu
Chess  Level 4
  1. Jayalakshmi Seyyadri
  2. Mukul Gore
  3. Sukriti Kushwaha
Chess Adults
  1. Shivrath Yandra
  2. Prasanna Gore
  3. Karuna Seyyadri
Math Bee Level 1
  1. Naaisha Agarwal
  2. Tarun Venkatesh
  3. Arjun Puninchittaya
Math Bee  Level 2
  1. Sriaditya Vaddadi
  2. Ashrita Gandhari Bhumireddy
  3. Siddhant Ganeshwaran
Math Bee  Level 3
  1. Aakansh Mysore
  2. Harshini Magesh  
  3. Rohan Venkatesh
Math Bee  Level 4
  1. Ishita Goluduri
  2. Tanush Mittal
  3. Nitish Kaza
Essay Writing Level 1
  1. Ishita Goluduri
  2. Tanush Mittal
  3. Nitish Kaza
Essay Writing Level 2
  1. Susritha Kopparapu
  2. Shreya Challa
  3. Anika Burli
Vocabulary  Level 1
  1. Suhaas Goluguri
  2. Omkar Naluvala
  3. Tanya Jay
Vocabulary  Level 2
  1. Abhishek  Vijay
  2. Siddhant Ganeshwaran
  3. Aanika Mysore
Vocabulary  Level 3
  1. Ranjana Ramesh
  2. Navin Ramesh
  3. Harshini Magesh
Geography  Level 1
  1. Suhaas Goluguri
  2. Prannav Raja
  3. Sai Babari Ramesh
Geography  Level 2
  1. Aterya Mallanna
  2. Abhishek Vijay
  3. Siddhant Ganeshwaran
Geography  Level 3
  1. Pranav Rohit
  2. Adithya Puninchittaya
  3. Pravar Mukkala


A lot of kids and youth activites are held on weekends. We also have a lot cultural activities and provide a platform to the upcoming talent in the New England area.

We have Baba's Mangala Snanam every Sunday at 10.00 AM.


We have cricket tournaments for the grownup and regular scheduled Chess class every Sunday for young kids.


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