Proposed New Temple

"With Baba's infinite blessings NESSP had earlier crossed an important fundraising milestone towards securing land for the proposed, new Shirdi Sai Temple and Mission Center. We want to share a very positive development towards the realization of our this shared vision. Based on the current financials we have secured a $3.5 Million Line of Credit from a Leading financial Institution. Baba's grace has brought us closer to our goal. We have also obtained the land use permits from the town of Groton and are working to obtain the building permits as well.

Our goal is to inaugurate the temple by 2018 in concert with the centennial celebration of Shri Sai Sansthan, Shirdi. We need your continued help and support and we need to close our Divine Leaf program by raising 1000 Leaves by the Spring of 2018. We also have a matching Donor program and any funds that we get will be matched by a group of generous donors. So please support generously."


The proposed new Shirdi Sai Temple and Mission Center is not merely a structure but a whole ecosystem that provides individual soul nourishment as well as connects the community built around the teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba. It provides an environment for fostering togetherness and a platform and space for cultural, educational, charitable and religious activities. The new Shirdi Sai Temple and Mission Center ensures that our young ones have the opportunity to remain connected to their roots even as they find their place in the world and grow in their achievements.

The proposed Shirdi Sai Temple and Mission Center will have the following features :

  • Temple and Prayer Hall as well as Dwarakamai and Chavadi
  • A Multipurpose Hall to support various community events
  • Classrooms to provide cultural nourishment and education to kids
  • Longer term plans include Auditorium and Library

Current Status

  • Have acquired land and signed the Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Teams of Architect, Engineering, Legal and Accounting Firms actively engaged
  • Site plan permit obtained. Working closely on obtaining the building permit.
  • Seeking equal amount of devotee contributions to secure the release of $500 thousand matching based donations pledged for next phase activities

Fund Raising Programes to Support Land and Construction

Divine Tree Donation

The Divine tree will be permanently embellished on the temple wall in the temple

The tree will have a total of 1008 brass leaves.
Each leaf will be etched with one or two names of the donor family.
Each donor can donate $1,116.00 or higher for a leaf There are different payment options for your convenience, All Donations towards this project will be TAX Deductible*.

Download Divine Tree Donation Form. Click here

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Flexible Amount Donation

Please use this button to donate any dollar amount you wish. If you would like to assign it to any particular category like Anna Daan, Day to Day Operations, New Temple Construction, etc. please send an email to

To Donate Click here

Dollar A Day Program for Temple Operations Fund

If you wish to donate for the Temple Operations Fund using the offline method (by check), please download the Donation form and mail us the completed form along with your check.

If you wish to pay using Credit Card you can either bring the Card and the filled form to the Temple or you can pay online using Checkout below.

To Donate Click here

Temple Construction Fund

To Donate Click here

If you wish to donate using the offline method (by check), please download the Donation form and mail us the completed form along with your check.

NESSP is registered as a Non-profit organization. All donations to NESSP are tax deductible under IRS section 501(c)(3).

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