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NESSP Kids’ Chess was started in June 2013, to provide a playground for elementary school chess players in Chelmsford and neighboring towns. This is part of the many charity activities led by NESSP. Registration is open to all, and there is no entry fee. Participating players can choose to make a voluntary contribution of any charity item like food or clothing which are donated to various organizations in need, or to area schools.

As the interest levels grew, the group began getting help from some of the older / higher rated players. And then we felt the need for a regular trainer, and to offer training programs. The group currently holds two meetings a week, on Friday nights and on Sunday mornings.

Training programs are offered round the school year for players of all levels, again on an entirely non-profit basis. Some of our trainer profiles include a former US Amateur Women’s Champion, a Class A player. The training programs include classroom lessons, puzzle sessions, and mini tournaments.

To provide a forum for the players who got training in the NESSP programs, the concept of starting USCF rated tournaments took shape. Till date, on an average, NESSP has been conducting one rated tournament each month, for the past one and a half years, attended by around 30 players.

The unique feature of NESSP tournaments is that each and every event is volunteer-driven, and non-profit. Right from setting up chairs and tables, to post-event cleanup, all event-tasks are handled by players’ parents. All the entry fees collected, (after deducting costs), are redistributed to the players in terms of school supplies, gifts, chess equipment or free entries to upcoming events. We even serve a free pizza lunch to all the players and accompanying family members, at no extra charge, for all our events.

NESSP’s Chess kids have been consistently playing / winning trophies in most of New England’s prestigious scholastic events like the Hurvitz Cup, MA Open, NE Open, Spiegel Cup, etc. We also run an annual chess Grand Prix, awarding trophies to top three players in NESSP events.

NESSP also runs a Kids.Vs.Seniors. Chess event at a nearby Senior Center, which has been successfully running since April 2014. The Senior center supports the kids’ interest in chess and the parents make a contribution the Senior center. This is one chess tournament where the whole town wins!

NESSP’s temple Plans for the future include, moving to a fully owned premises in Groton, by Winter 2017. The new location will be a $ 10 million, 28-acre facility, including a 500 seat hall, which obviously means, a lot more chess to come.

NESSP is all about kids, having fun, playing chess….Don’t move until you see it.

For registering for sunday Free practice, please click here.

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