Coach: International Woman Master PrathibaYuvarajan

All classes start on Sunday, 6th January 2019, and each level runs for 11 classes. (till 17th March 2019).

Prathiba is an International Master (USCF 2266), who won various national and international tournaments. She trained the I.S 318(Brooklyn, NYC) National Junior high girl’s champions in 2014, also the kids won individual medals at the national and state level. She also trained various students for state and national champions for the past 5 years. Prathiba was awarded “Rookie coach of the year in 2012” from ChessNYC. She trained public, private and chatter schools like PS 33(National Runner-up Grade 5, Manhattan), PS 11(National Top 10 Grade 2) , Princeton Day School (State champions in various sections, NJ), I.S 318(National Junior high Girls Champions), Rosalyn Yalow Chatter school in NYC and NJ.She is also working with Topsfield and Hamilton schools, MA for their after school and curriculum classes.

Prathiba is a fun and enthusiastic coach with years of experience teaching kids in NYC, NJ and MA. She completed Master in Artificial Intelligence with Robotics from UK. She was a Research fellow in cognitive psychology before she moved to US. She lives in Burlington with her husband and two kids.


Beginner class Curriculum: Any age new to chess. (3-4 PM Sundays)


  • Learn about chess pieces, value, movement of pieces
  • Basic checkmates like Queen, Rook, 2 rooks, 2 Bishops
  • Basic endgames like Philidor position, lucena position and more.
  • Basic opening Strategies
  • Basic Tactics like Pins, Forks and Skewers.
  • Simple middle game and endgame strategies.
  • Getting ready for tournament with rules and time management.
  • Learn about Notations.


Intermediate Class Curriculum: Any age who can play a game with all pieces.(4-5 PM Sundays)


  • Learn all tactics like Deflection, Decoy, Overload and more.
  • Checkmating patterns like Legal’s mate, Arabian mate, Anasthasia mate and more.
  • Learn middle game strategies like Attacking the king, Outposts, Rook on 7th rank and more.
  • Endgames with many pawns with king, Rook with Pawns, Bishop Vs Knight, opposite color bishops and more.
  • Learn about openings for white and black.
  • Tricks and Traps in various Openings
  • Study about famous players like Alekhine, Anand ,Carlsen and more.
  • Understanding your advantage and mistakes with your own games. Prepare for next level.


Advanced Class Curriculum: Rated above USCF 700 – USCF 1700(5-6 PM Sundays)


  • Learn about combinations (using different tactics together to solve a problem).
  • Advanced endgames
  • Learn openings with variations.
  • Advanced middle game strategies.
  • How to become a Master.
  • Learn more about pawn structures.
  • Learn how to plan Strategy.
  • Learn how to analyze your own games and get better.

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