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Congregation of 3500+ Devotees 50+ Volunteers families supported by more than 300 Seva families Passion for Service …..That is NESSP today

  • Where devotees come together in a unique way, as a large family of Baba, to serve the New England community through philantropic activites and partner with other organizations to serve various causes
  • Together, we create Values/ Sanskaras in our kids and are guided in our lives, by the teachings of Baba

What is the Mission & Vision of NESSP?Back to FAQS

New England Shirdi Sai Parviaar ( NESSP’s ) mission is to promote the philosophy of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba and to support religious, spiritual, cultural and charitable activities in New England. It’s vision is to Establish a permanent Shri Shirdi Sai Mandir in New England and facilitate worship services to devotees.

What are the various activities performed in the temple?Back to FAQS

NESSP operates the New England Shirdi Sai Temple. It organizes special events to celebrate the various festivals like Ram Navami , Shiv Ratri , Dutta Jayanti , Maha Samadhi etc. It offers prayer services . We are also doing Palkhi in the New England area for the last 4 years. NESSP also believes in helping the community that it’s part of and actively pursues various activities that give back to the community.

What is NESSP? When was it started ?Back to FAQS

NESSP stands for New England Shirdi Sai Parivaar. It’s a 501 c 3 organization that was started in 2006 .NESSP is a growing community of Shirdi Sai Baba devotees serving the New England area and beyond . NESSP had organized it’s first public event - Ek Sham Shri Sai Ke Naam by Pandit Ajit Kadkade on the auspicious Ganesh Chaturthi day - Aug 27th 2006 as the official start of the organization.

What is the contribution of NESSP?Back to FAQS

NESSP is an independent local organization that has been serving the devotee needs for last 7 years. In addition to temple related activities , NESSP also believes in helping the community that it’s part of. We have an active Charitable and Philantrophy charter. NESSP strives to serve the community .The different charitable activities we have undertaken in the past are: •Disaster Relief : Organized exclusive fund raising drives to help the victims of Haiti earth quake. Disaster Relief : Distributed flood relief kits to the victims of flood in India. Annadaan - Distributing cooked food from Sai Bhandara to homeless shelter in Lowell MA. • Winter Clothes Drive - Collection and distribution of warm winter clothes to the needy. • Service – We are active in various services in our community. E.g Our volunteers took part in a landscaping project at the Stoneham Zoo to beautify its look for the visitors. • Children's Hospital - NESSP Team has been regularly participating in the annual Children's Hospital Walk to raise money for the hospital.

What are you immediate plans?Back to FAQS

With the immense blessings of Shri Sai and Support and Cooperation of all Devotees NESSP moved the Baba temple from Dracut , MA to a more spacious temple in Chelmsford, MA on May 16 , 2010. By the Grace of Shri Sai we now have 2 Priests in the temple and similar to Shirdi we have 4 Baba Aarthis every day. The temple offers full priest services inside and in the homes.

What are NESSP’s long term plans?Back to FAQS

As mentioned NESSP’s vision is to establish a permanent Shri Sai Baba Temple and the organization will be looking forward to buy a land for the temple.

What are NESSPs fundraising Objectives ?Back to FAQS

There are 2 key objectives on fundraising . We want to secure the land for future temple and want to sustain the operating expenses for the new facility. Please see our fundraising form for more details.

How does NESSP operate?Back to FAQS

NESSP is entirely run by dedicated volunteers. The temple opening seva is also managed by devotee families and anyone can sign up as volunteer to open and serve Baba for the day. We are blessed to have a very strong and committed volunteer team and that is our strength.

How can I help?Back to FAQS

There are various volunteer opportunities and fundraising opportunities available where you can help. Please contact us for further details.

Any other things that you would like to say?Back to FAQS

We would again like to thank all the volunteers and devotees who have helped NESSP to have come to this level and we look forward for your continued support for NESSP Shirdi Sai Temple vision and mission and various activities. Together we can build our temple.   What we want is that the NESSP through its website should really send a specific message and show visitors that maybe they don’t fall into the stereotypes that the visitor might have. That NESSP is both, a temple and a mission, founded on the ideals of Shirdi Saibaba. Here are some things that we could highlight. These would be shown within the proposed design/ layout:-

First time here? New to NESSPBack to FAQS

Come join us this Thursday or on any other open calendar day or event for pure worship, inspiration, and real community. We look forward to meeting you.

News and Events

Palkhi Procession Schedule
Palkhi Procession Schedule
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NESSP Shikhar(Gopuram) Update
We have planned to build the shikar (Gopuram) of the new temple, as an exact replica of the Shirdi temple Shikar. We need a lot of support from you, and we have started a gofundme effort. Please make a donation by clicking the link to complete the temple construction
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Request for Priest Services
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Turkish Airline Raffle
Turkish Airline Raffle - All raffle contribution goes towards Saibaba Temple Construction located at Groton, MA
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Youth Volunteers Signup
Signup for Youth Volunteers Seva
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Monthly Sai Vrat Katha
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Monthly Satyanarayana Vrat Katha
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NESSP Charity.
NESSP fulfills its charity commitments.to find out more details.
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Monthly Free Dental checkups.
Starting January. No fees but registration required. to register.
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Free Medical Camp
Every last Monday of the month from 5:30 PM to 7 PM ET - To register for free medical camp, please
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