Dear Sai Devotee,

Jai Sai Ram

Since our inception in 2006 our vision has been to build a permanent Shirdi Sai Temple in the New England Area. With the blessings of Shri Sai and support from all of you, we have been making steady progress towards our shared vision of a permanent Shirdi Sai Temple and Mission Center.

At the start of 2016, we want to share a very positive development towards the realision of our vision. Based on the current schedule of our temple construction we are marching towards completing our temple project phase 1 and current estimates put as at innauguration on Dussehera 2016 or close to it. With Baba's grace this brings us closer to our goal. 

We are currently short for this project phase1 by 800K. We need your continued help and support and we need to close our Divine Leaf program by raising 800 Leaves by the Dusherra of 2016. Various fund raising options are available.

At this time, we also want to update you that we continue to enhance our activities and community services charter. As an update we plan to start more consistent kid’s activities in addition to current Sunday activities. We will have Regular Meditation sessions, yoga session as well as enhance our Temple timings to support a wider devotee base. Please stay tuned as we make significant updates to our activities in support of our community.

Your's sincerely

NESSP team.

Shri Sachidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

Fund Raising Programs To Support LAND & CONSTRUCTION.

NESSP is marching towards an important milestone in the vision towards having a permanent “Shirdi Sai Temple”. This is not possible without the divine grace, infinite blessings of almighty and incredible support of the devotees. The 28 acre land is located in the beautiful town of Groton, very close to Exit 31 off of RT-495.

The proposed temple is designed with very elegant and stupendous amenities comprising (1). Main Sanctum Floor ~6000Sq.ft of Prardhana Mandir, Beautiful Baba Mandap, Dwarakamai (Dwarkamai is one of the treasures of Shirdi. The spirit of tolerance, acceptance and welcome for all is very much alive) and Chavdi (Where baba started spending alternate nights), Office room and a Library. (2). Basement Floor features Multi-Purpose Hall, Class Rooms, Kitchen and dining hall.

NESSP has announced various fund raising plans towards the virtuous cause of making a permanent temple for Shri Sai. Please come forward to help us out.

Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai!!


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