Veda is self-knowledge

The word Veda is derived from Sanskrit rot “Vid” meaning Knowledge or Jnana


Eashwara Jnana – Knowledge of Eashwara

Atma Jnana- Knowledge of self

Brahma Jnana – Knowledge of Brahman

Advaitha Jnana – Non-Dual Knowledge

Vijnana Jnana – Knowledge par excellence


Vedas are “Apourshaya”

Meaning they are not from Human Origin

Vedas are “Anantha”

Meaning they are infinite

Vedas are “Anaadi”

Meaning they ever existed


Vedas are treasure house of Wisdom

Vedas are endless, unfathomable, indefinable and blissful

The secret of the entire creation is contained in the Vedas.

The Vedas establish goal and purpose of human life.


Veda Vyasa divided Vedas into 4

Rik Veda – Hyms in praise of various deities. 33 Deities are mentioned. Sun GOD is the most important deity

Yajur Veda – Hymns for worshipping various deities. Performance of Yagas and Yagnas.

Sama Veda – Sama means to bring Shanthi or Peace to the mind in form of seven Swaras

Atharva Veda–Contain Hymns to ward off evil and destroy enemies.


Yajur Veda is further divided into two

Krishna Yajur Veda

ShuklaYajur Veda


Vedic hymns when chanted correctly purify the mind and create higher vibrations that help us resonate with higher visions and realizations that help us in calming the Physical, Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual planes of the chanter.

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